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I’ve been streaming on since 22/11/2018. and as far as I’ve been able to determine (and I look actively) I’m the only streamer providing what I call a Variety-Strategy experience. Remember I’m no Pro! but I am enthusiastic.

In my streaming journey, I don’t want fame, I don’t want income. I just want to ensure that people get exposure to the strategy genres and have the opportunity to decide if they’re for them.

I love strategy games. I want others to love them too!


27/04/2020 – Developments :

There’s light at the end of the tunnel!


My last uni assignment of this batch is due tonight (so I’m dutifully procrastinating by writing this.) and at the same time the nightmare inducing deadline at work passes tomorrow as well, As a result, all going well I’ll be streaming tomorrow night! and given I only have one more assignment due this year and the general decline in nightmariness I shouldn’t have to disrupt the streaming schedule to finish that one.


There’s another key milestone coming up…

My Steam achievement streak as of this moment (with the achievement for the 27/4 already won) stands at 722 days. As previous updates on here have mentioned I have decided that I’m going to end at 2 years (either 730 or 731 days depending on whether I decide to include the 2020 leap year)

This streak has become a big part of my ‘gaming’ personality over the last 2 years. It’s definitely had some good effects and some, unforeseen consequences (although these are mostly tied to other aspects of achievement hunting). on the balance of things though I think I’m ready o give that away (much to the relief of my long suffering wife!) though what I’ll do on that first day of non-achieving to ensure I don’t get one is still to be decided!

Depending on what I can organise with regard to work, I might try to do something different stream wise on the last day, will update you if this is to be the case (likely via Twitter)

Upcoming Stream Information


Timeless Tuesday

21:00 AWST Tuesday

What is this in my timezone?

Mystery Stream

Mystery stream. Honestly I dont know what we’ll play yet. but figured I should at least let you know that yes I am definitely planning a stream.


21:00 AWST Thursday

What is this in my timezone?

Aggressors: Ancient Rome

On the last Aggressors stream we had a false start with our Pergamon campaign being nipped in the bud, however our followup Bosporan Kingdom game is looking quite a lot healthier (except for the Romans and Egyptians getting worryingly close) While we likely won’t be able to run a double length stream like I did last time, (curse you work the next day!) we shouldd be able to make some good progress and see a bit more of this underappreciated gem.


21:00 AWST Sunday

What is this in my timezone?

Grey Goo

After a few weeks off it feels like so long since I played this… On the last stream we completed the Human faction questline, which means it is time to start the eponymous Goo’s campaign.