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In my streaming journey, I dont want fame, I dont want income. I just want to ensure that people get exposure to the strategy genre and have the opportunity to decide if its for them.

I love strategy games. I want others to love them too!


23/7/2019 – What’s Up? :

Those who frequent this place may have noticed that over the last week weeks, we’ve been devoid of updates.

As I’m sure you’ve all experienced for once reason or another at some point, I’ve had one of those periods where you haven’t really got time to stop and think.

To quantify: Where I normally average around 80 hours a fortnight on steam, in the last 2 weeks that’s dropped to around 40, with at least 6 of those me accidentally forgetting that I’d left Geometry Wars running while I was looking after Hugh

I’m expecting one more week of hell then things should ease up a little. bear with me.


Stormie’s thoughts on Total War: THREE KINGDOMS on

No, I am in fact not dead.I just got sucked in to Total War Three Kingdoms. (well that and work, but work isn’t as interesting to talk about, unless Australian Financial Advice interests you).

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Timeless Tuesdays

21:00 AWST Tuesday

What is this in my timezone?

Hearts of Iron 2

Lots of people are familiar with the Hearts of Iron Series, the WW2 Military grandstrategy game from Paradox Development Studios. However lots of people are familiar with HOI4 or maybe HOI3 after these games became more mainstream. I’m going back to revisit my teen years playing Hearts of Iron 2, a game my friends and I spent many a weekend playing via LAN. We’ll be continuing our USSR game started last week.


21:00 AWST Thursday

What is this in my timezone?

Ashes of the Singularity

This week I’m planning to jump back into a game a started and then put aside when there were some new releases. Haven’t played an RTS for a little while… time to blow off the cobwebs.


21:00 AWST Friday

What is this in my timezone?

Oriental Empires

Our little Asian Civ-like continues on Friday. I’m new to this game but its treating me well so far. hopefully we can avoid crashing and burning, and instead carry on from our Three Kingdoms form and unify China… Again.