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In my streaming journey, I dont want fame, I dont want income. I just want to ensure that people get exposure to the strategy genre and have the opportunity to decide if its for them.

I love strategy games. I want others to love them too!


17/11/2019 – What’s Up? :

This Friday the 22nd, is the one year anniversary of starting to stream in earnest on mixer.


I’m not normally one to look at numbers or make a big deal of dates, but what this one represents has been pretty special to me.


Thanks for everyone that’s been involved over the year, and I hope to continue to improve the quality of my streams into the coming year.


To that end, if you have any suggestions about things you’d like to see, or would like to stop seeing please let me know.


I always want my channel to be a place you’d be happy to recommend if people ever say ‘are there any strategy streamers on Mixer’

Upcoming Stream Information


Timeless Tuesdays

21:00 AWST Tuesday

What is this in my timezone?

Sid Meier’s Civilization III

Since we’re doing Civ 6 on Friday, I figured I’d stick with the series for Timeless Tuesday as well. Maybe we can do a compare and contrast session.But yeah, classic turn based series. 2000 release, don’t need to say much more


21:00 AWST Thursday

What is this in my timezone?

Crusader Kings II

Due to some technical difficulties we didnt get to play crusader kings last week, so this stream rolls over to this week. We will continue our congoing Bhuddist Bengalese playthrough, hunting the unification of India.and avoiding Inns covering manure pits.


21:00 AWST Friday

What is this in my timezone?

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

Did you know that Civ 6 releases on Xbox and Playstation on Friday, since there might be people looking to see what it’s all about, I thoughts I’d ensure there were a stream to show it off. Did you know it recently overtook Civ V in terms of average concurrent players on steam?