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In my streaming journey, I dont want fame, I dont want income. I just want to ensure that people get exposure to the strategy genre and have the opportunity to decide if its for them.

I love strategy games. I want others to love them too!


06/01/2020 – A New Year :

Last time I changed this I touched on a few points. Update on those to follow


There was some doubt about whether I’d be able to continue my achievement streak through the Christmas period. As those that follow on twitter would be aware, we managed to keep the streak going. hit 600 days, and are now setting off in search of 730 (2 years)

I’m pretty much decided that if I make it to that 720 day mark, I’m happy to end the streak, as I have quite a lot of commitments this year (going back to Uni – yuck!) and at times achievements suck up time.


I also said that I was aiming to complete BattleTech, Crusader Kings, Oriental Empires and Civ 6 playthroughs that were already in progress. To date the only one of those that is complete is BattleTech, and then only because I failed an ironman compulsory mission (proplayer right?)


For now I’m aiming to spend the bulk of my Thursday and Sunday streams on these, though I have a few other games to shuffle in intermittently.


Upcoming Stream Information


Timeless Tuesdays

21:00 AWST Tuesday

What is this in my timezone?

Rise of Nations

Since I was rudely ejected from my Medieval Total War game last week, due to a freak illness caught by my heirless sultan, its time to move on this week. A while back we started the Alexander campaign in Rise of Nations, lets hope Alexander is more resistant to disease.


21:00 AWST Thursday

What is this in my timezone?

Crusader Kings 2

The campaign that shows no sign of stopping continues on Thursday this week. I have a new plan, for how to stop my rebellion problems. If we can get that under control that will be the hardest part done on the road to overlordship over all India.


21:00 AWST Sunday

What is this in my timezone?

Civilization 6

Striking while the ashes of Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane are still smouldering (in hindsight that’s horribly unintentionally insensitive given the recent fires) Time to continue marauding the remains of Curtin’s empire for the glory of Scythia