My Library


Below you can find my library in an easily accessible format. I’m always adding games, especially when I can get a good deal! If theres something you’d like to see, that you think I and the viewers would enjoy, check the list, if its there let me know, either on stream, steam or via email to and we’ll see where we can slot it in! If its not there still let me know, it might already be on my (very long) wishlist, or it could be purchased/wishlisted for the future.

I’m aware there are far far more games in the genre than are listed here, and within reason I plan to keep expanding the library, though to be fair at this stage my number of purchased but unplayed games is criminal!

You’re better off looking here than my steam library as i have quite a few games (especially older ones) that weren’t purchased through steam, and I have a lot of steam games that I have no plans to stream.


In time I hope to improve the below table to make it more easily sortable/filterable, but figured it was important to at least get the framework in place.

The genre codes are as follows:

  • RTS – Real time strategy – Broad category. think Age of Empires/Supreme Commander/Warcraft 3
  • TBT – Turn-based tactics – think XCOM
  • RTT – Real Time Tactics – Real time combat boiled down to just the combat, good examples are Sudden Strike Series or the Myth Series.
  • TBS – Turn-based Strategy – also commonly known as 4x (even though that could apply to the other categories bar TBT) – Think Sid Meier’s Civilization series.
  • TD – Tower Defense – niche genre, defend a specific point from waves of enemies. Defense Grid is a good example.
  • GS – Grand strategy – easiest way to think of these is empire management. for example you aren’t so worried about specific units, you are more worried about how many you’ve built how much they cost to maintain and what other factions think about you having them. Think Crusader Kings or Hearts of Iron


Timeless Tuesday is my weekly slot for playing ‘Old School’ games. To qualify for Timeless Tuesday the title needs to be either older than roughly 15 years (2004) or be part of a series with at least one sequel after the title in question – though there will still be some common sense applied, for example if it was only released 3 years ago but has a sequel I won’t be playing it on Timeless Tuesday.

Game Genre Last Streamed TimelessTuesday
8-Bit Invaders RTS Yes N
Achtung! Cthulu Tactics TBT 2019/3/8 N
Act of Aggression RTS N
Age of Civilizations II GS N
Age of Empires RTS Y
Age of Empires II RTS 2019/05/28 Y
Age of Empires III RTS N
Age of Wonders TBS Y
Age of Wonders II TBS Y
Age of Wonders III TBS 2019/04/14 N
AI War:Fleet Command RTS N
Ancestors Legacy RTS 2019/04/01 N
Anomaly Defenders TD N
Anomaly Korea TD N
Anomaly Warzone Earth TD N
Anomaly 2 TD N
Ashes of the Singularity RTS 2019/08/29 N
Battlefleet Gothic: Armada RTS N
Battletech TBT 2019/10/10 N
Circle Empires RTS N
Civilization: Beyond Earth TBS N
Civilization V TBS N
Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 RTS N
Command and Conquer 3:Kanes Wrath RTS N
Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars RTS N
Command and Conquer 4 RTS N
Company of Heroes 2 RTS N
Conan Unconquered RTS/TD N
Cossacks 3 RTS N
Crusader Kings GS Y
Crusader Kings 2 GS 2019/04/25 N
Cultures – Northland RTS N
Dark Reign:The Future of War RTS 2019/08/27 Y
Dark Reign 2 RTS Y
Dawn of Andromeda GS N
Dawn of China:Rise of Qin GS N
Defense Grid: The Awakening TD N
Defense Grid 2 TD 2019/05/28 N
Distant Worlds: Universe GS N
Dominus Galaxia TBS 2019/10/11 N
Dungeon of the Endless TD 2019/09/20 N
Earth 2150 RTS Y
Endless Legend TBS N
Endless Space TBS 2019/08/09 Y
Endless Space 2 TBS N
Etherium RTS N
Europa Universalis 3 GS Y
Europa Universalis 4 GS N
Field of Glory 2 TBT N
Field of Glory:Empires TBS 2019/07/12 N
Galactic Civilizations TBS Y
Galactic Civilizations II TBS Y
Galactic Civilizations III TBS 2019/04/02 N
Galaxy Squad TBT N
Grand Ages: Medieval GS N
Grand Ages: Rome RTS N
Grey Goo RTS N
Halo Wars: Definitive Edition RTS Yes N
Hearts of Iron GS Y
Hearts of Iron 2 (and Doomsday) GS 2019/08/20 Y
Hearts of Iron IV GS 2019/09/26 N
Hegemony Gold:Wars of Ancient Greece RTS Y
Hegemony 3:Clash of the Ancients RTS N
Heroes of Annihilated Empires RTS Y
Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak RTS N
Homeworld: Remastered Collection RTS 2019/06/04 N
Imperator: Rome GS 2019/05/17 N
Imperium Galactica RTS Y
Imperium Galactica II RTS Y
Infested Planet RTS 2019/08/19 N
Interplanetary TBS N
Knights of Honor RTS 2019/09/03 Y
Mechcommander RTS Y
Mechcommander 2 RTS Y
Medieval Kingdom Wars RTS N
Meridian: New World RTS N
Meridian: Squad 22 RTS N
Metal Fatigue RTS Y
Mutant Year Zero TBT 2019/06/07 N
Offworld Trading Company RTS N
Oriental Empires TBS 2019/09/07 N
Original War RTS Y
Pandora: First Contact TBS N
Pax Nova TBS 2019/09/27 N
Planetary Annihilation RTS N
Re-Legion RTS N
Rise of Nations RTS Y
Rock of Ages TD N
Rock of Ages 2 TD N
Sanctum TD Y
Sanctum 2 TD N
Shadowrun: Dragonfall TBT N
Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun TBT N
Siege of Centauri TD 2019/04/18 N
Spacecom RTS N
Sins of a Solar Empire:Rebellion RTS N
Star Drive 2 TBS N
Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophesy RTS N
Star Ruler GS Y
Star Wars: Rebellion RTS Y
Steel Division:Normandy 1944 RTS N
Stellaris GS 2019/07/26 N
Strategic Mind: The Pacific TBT 2019/06/21 N
Stronghold RTS Y
Stronghold 2 RTS Y
Stronghold Crusader HD RTS 2019/06/28 Y
Sudden Strike RTT Y
Sudden Strike 2 RTT Y
Sudden Strike 3 RTT Y
Supreme Commander RTS N
Supreme Commander:Forged Alliance RTS N
Supreme Commander 2 RTS N
Total Annihilation RTS 2019/10/01 Y
Total Annihilation: Kingdoms RTS Y
TOTAL WAR: Empire – Definitive TBS N
TOTAL WAR: Medieval – Gold Edition TBS Y
TOTAL WAR: Medieval 2 – Definitive TBS N
TOTAL WAR: Napoleon – Definitive TBS N
TOTAL WAR: Three Kingdoms TBS 2019/08/01 N
TOTAL WAR: Warhammer TBS N
Tzar: The Burden of the Crown RTS 2019/10/08 Y
Victoria II GS N
Warbreeds RTS Y
Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War Collection RTS 2019/09/17 Y
Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War 2 Collection RTS Y
Warlords Battlecry 3 RTS Y
XCOM:Enemy Unknown TBT N
Xenonauts TBT N
Xmorph Defense TD N