These are some cool places, you should check them out!


The gamers’ social network. you can find my profile here, or if you want to join the site you can do so here


Everyone who’s anyone knows what steam is. My profile is here. If you’re going to add me its best to send a message along with it. I get a LOT of spam adds.


For voice chat I maintain a Teamspeak 3 server. In the event we are planning to play together server address will be provided at the time. I’m not posting the address on the internet. I have an irrational dislike for Discord and avoid using it whenever possible.


I’m also a bit of an achievement nut. I have active profiles on a few achievement tracking websites. I’m always looking for partners for multiplayer achievements (both for strategy and non-strategy games) – So if you want to help out let me know, and we’ll see what we can organise.


My primary achievement tracking site, the steam cousin of TrueAchievements, has all the leaderboards you could ever want, and my favourite, achievement streak tracking. My TSA account is here, and if you want to join the site quicklink is here

If you enjoy their service I highly recommend taking up the ProAccount offer. No ads and infinite on demand scans. Its a big deal.



TrueAchievments is the place to go for Xbox achievements, great guides, high population… just have to put up with playing on a console! My TrueAchievements account can be found here, and if you want to sign up you can click here



Astats best feature is the fact that it’s probably got the best selection of hints and guides. though the interface is a little clunky. You can find my Astats page here is great for tracking those pesky cumulative achievements, as it shows all the hidden stats that steam is tracking as you play. My account can be found here.

Completionist is a one man team and if you are in a position to do so I highly encourage you to support his Patreon, I do.



MetaGamerScore is for those of you that play on multiple plaforms. In addition to tracking score across platform (eg Steam + Xbox Achievements), it also includes a separate scoring system  for ‘Firsts’ where only the first three people on the site to get an achievement get points. My MetaGamerScore profile is here here

As with Completionist, MGS is a small team as well. If achievements are your jam, you can support their Patreon

Other Stream Endorsements

The guys and girls below are some of my current favourite streamers on mixer. (as with any favourites they are subject to change). Very few of these guys stream strategy games., but dont hold that against them. most of them stream at a similar time of day to me, so act as excellent substitutes when I’m not around.

In no particular order:


Deft Puppiez

I’ve been following Pupz for around a year and he’s given me immense support in starting my streaming journey. Another variety streamer, who plays primarily (exclusively) Xbox titles. cant recommend him highly enough. I’m also the quote guy in his stream so you’ll catch me there pretty often. Deft Puppiez



My north american connection. Perm is another great variety streamer. who streams a bit of everything, but regularly comes back to Minecraft, Fallout and Borderlands. He primarily streams on PC. As a Mixer partner Noob is also an excellent spark dump candidate. This is his channel



Slinky is another partnered streamer, but this time from the UK. like most of my other favourites he is a PC variety streamer. A particular highlight are his community Europa Universalis streams where members of his community are given modded countries in game, and left to duke it out under control of the AI. Other than that theres also quite a lot of WWE streams. You can find his channel here



Lemons is another American streamer, who plays a wide variety of games – Ive seen averything from Total War to Battlefield to NFL, and he’s annoyingly good at all of them.Find Here



Daisy’s positivity is infectious, and she’s multitalented. Once you catch one of her streams (It could be anything from a musical instrument, to art, to any genre of game), I pretty much guarantee  you’ll be back. she’s usually on in US evenings